Barrios R. (Rocío Barrios)

-2010 Degree in Dentistry. Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Granada, Spain.

-2011 Master Degree in Research in Dentistry. University of Granada, Spain.

-2014 PhD in Dentistry. Faculty of Dentistry of the University of Granada, Spain.

2017-Assistant Professor in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. University of Granada, Spain.

My research activity is developed mainly on three research areas: 1) oral cancer; 2) quality of life and 3) gerodontology. Up to date, I have published 18 papers in journals indexed in Journal Citation Reports, 5 of them are in the first quartile of its category and I sign as first author in 5 of them. I have presented 14 communications in national and international scientific conferences and I have participated as guest speaker at a national congress. I have collaborated in two research projects funded privately.
Also, I have been reviewer of articles sent to international journals. I have been member of the evaluation commission in the Final Master Thesis projects of Master's Degree in Dental Research and I have supervised three final degree projects and three final Master Thesis projects. During my formation, I had the opportunity of doing international stays in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health of University College London for a total of four months. I have got the positive accreditation of Assistant Professor (“Profesor Contratado Doctor”) by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation.