analisisofdentaladhesion_400x300New strategies for bonding tooth substrated with metal, ceramic o resin-based materials are one of the major research line headed by Professor Alberto Albaladejo (

ExperimentalOralSurgery_400We have the facilities for carry out animal-based research on experimental surgery at the Laboratory of the Department of Surgery. This research line is carried out by several researchers. Contact with Prf. Antonio López-Valverde ( for further information.

ChewingSimulation_400x300The Mechatronic Chewing Simulator is available for the in vitro testing of the tridimensional loads that dental materials are expected to resist. Contact with Prf. Javier Montero ( for further information.

PlateletRichGrowingFactors_400x300This research line is being explored via clinical trials by several researchers within our team using an autologous product that promotes tissue regeneration in different conditions. Contact with Prf Yasmina Guadilla ( for further information.

OralHealthQualityLifeAssessments_400x300We have research experience with several OHQoL indicators, which are freely available upon request; however, we ask that you be willing to incorporate patient-centred outcome measures in your research project. Contact with Prf. Javier Montero ( for further information.

Several types of lasers have been used to increase the bonding between enamel or dentin subtracts, and also ceramics (See our publications). Contact with Prf. Alberto Albaladejo ( for further information.


DentalColour_400x300This aesthetic attribute has been analysed in both population-based and in vitro studies for predicting change caused by age, sex, or after bonding with distinct luting agents.  Contact with Prf. Cristina Gómez Polo (   for further information.

HistologicalAssessmentTissueRegeneration_400x300We manage the main histological staining methods for visualizing distinct types of tissues and their regeneration activities. Moreover, the Metamorph Software for quantifying the bone-implant-contact is also routinely used by one of the members of our research team (Dra Yasmina Guadilla Several biomarkers of regeneration response can also be quantified using different techniques.

Various biocompatibility tests (toxicity, inflammatory response..) are carried out by Professor Julio Herrero Payo ( on distinct cellular cultures.